Creating a business plan is an important part of any business that entrepreneurs are negligent of. Questions like “Do I hire someone to do it? Do I do it myself? How do I get it done quickly? Are there any benefits of writing a business plan? Does it require me to spend too much money?” are frequently asked questions that many entrepreneurs ask in regards to having a business plan. Well, we will examine these questions in this article.

First, let us understand exactly what a business plan is

A business plan is a blueprint that contains sections related to the management, marketing, financial, and industrial analysis about a business. It is important for small-sized, medium-size, and large-sized companies. A well-written and conceived business plan can attract investors to your business which is why many businesses hire a professional business plan service.

Who is a professional business plan writer?

A professional business plan writer is one who writes business plans for entrepreneurs and business owners. These accountants are highly trained professionals who are experienced in writing business plans. Accountants possess the skills and experience required for helping entrepreneurs come up with a plan that is financially attractive.

Why you need to hire a professional business plan service

Business planning is better written by someone who knows the in-and-out of finance. Here are a few reasons why you need to hire an accountant to write a business plan.

Save Time

A professional business plan writer can save you hours of work. With their knowledge and capability, they can deliver the best plan that will attract investors within a short timeframe. Also, hiring a professional will allow business owners to focus on other aspects of their business.


Professional business plan writers have spent years in this business. After years of attending to different clients, they have gathered experience in writing plans for many businesses. One interesting thing about experience is that it gets better with time; i.e. business plan writers learn on every successful plan they’ve ever written. Hiring an experienced business plan writer will deliver a top-notch service that will attract potential investors.


Many think that since a business plan is made of written words, they can do it themselves. However, a well-developed plan requires certain tools to develop. Professional business plan writers not only have the tools but they also have the knowledge and expertise in utilizing these tools to produce great results.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Another reason why you should hire a professional accountant is that they will write your plan until you are 100% satisfied. So, it’s a win-win situation for you.
If you are interested in hiring a professional business plan writer in the UK, you will have to browse through a number of different options. Or you could simply contact SJPR Accountants – a top-rated accounting firm in the UK.

SJPR Accountants are professional and experienced team of accountants who specialize in writing business plans, creating bank loan approval, complete tax preparation, bookkeeping, payroll services, and other financial services for small, medium, and large-scale companies.


Ordinarily, filing taxes are complicated not to talk of filing a late tax return – which is even more difficult. This is due to the heavy penalties waiting for individuals or/and businesses who fail to pay tax on time. As such, it is important for every business owner and entrepreneur to make the UK tax return a priority. Making the necessary paperwork and documentation ready as early as possible will help in avoiding any hassles that are related to tax filing.

UK Tax Return Overdue

Due to the hassles involved and the complexity of this process, many organizations hire a professional accountant to get the job done. By outsourcing these professionals, they save the time and effort devoted to filing taxes. You too can adopt this method. When you hire a professional accountant, you shift the burden of filing taxes onto someone else. Today tax return outsourcing has gained a lot of popularity because of its importance in making the tax return process easier, feasible, and more convenient for any company.

In fact, companies specially hire these professionals not just to take care of the taxes and other similar expenses but for other accounting services. A large number of them are experts in keeping financial records, maintaining the business accounts, keeping balance sheets updates, preparing payrolls, etc. It is no surprise that many business firms have testified of how professional accountants have simplified the tax return preparation.

If you choose a reliable service for preparing tax returns, you will avoid tax errors, inaccurate calculations, claiming ineligible dependents, not filing the UK tax return on time, etc. How do they do this? Tax preparation software! As experts, they utilize the best tax software package that is compatible to suit your business needs and requirements, leaving no room for error.

There are many firms that provide tax return outsourcing services out there so finding the right service may be difficult. But when you do, you’ll benefit from top-notch/quality services. A professional accountant should have the right qualification, knowledge of tax return preparation and experience from different businesses. The enormous benefits attached to hiring the service of a professional accountant in preparing tax returns is enough conviction for business owners to invest. The amazing thing is that all these benefits cannot be compared to the small sum of money they charge.

Finally, it is important to note that tax accountants are flooded with work, especially during tax time. You don’t want to pay a thousand box for what’s really worth a hundred. Even if a professional accountant would come to your aid at the dying minute, you are still advised to prepare your tax return earlier. So far, it is better to hire a professional accountant earlier than to face the penalties attached to late payments. Yet, if your business fails to make the UK tax return on time for one reason or the other, you can hire a professional accountant. Hiring one for your business will save you a whole lot than you can imagine.


While buying a property was a lot easier years ago, these days it can be really exhausting and confusing, especially for a novice. Many people are stocked with this “DIY (Do It Yourself)” slogan that they think they can actually do everything themselves. While this can be very effective in the kitchen and other mini sectors, the real estate industry isn’t a piece of cake. Therefore, seeking the assistance of a mortgage broker is very important if you want to buy a new property. One quick question: do you think real estate management is easy? Do you think you have the knowledge and connections to buy or sell a property? Well, you don’t, if you do you wouldn’t be reading this article.

Buying a property in the UK or in any other part of the world requires you to hire a professional broker who has the knowledge and experience within the industry. You’d agree with me that not every homeowner can participate in the sale of a property. For you to become one, you will need to undergo years of rigorous training in the business, understand the goals and values before venturing into the profession. On the contrary, brokers have spent a lot of time, effort, and dedication into this business. They’ve honed several negotiation techniques that can be implemented depending on the situation. When you hire a mortgage broker, you will not need to worry about their dedication towards the job. Since buying or selling a property is overwhelming why don’t you hire an exclusive broker to fix things for you?


  • There are many sound reasons to hire an exclusive broker:
  • These professionals have made many successful sales in the past so you can be assured that he is capable of delivering.
  • These professionals are known to use their influence and reputation in order to negotiate with lenders, thus, saving you a lot of money – something you wouldn’t have benefitted if you had DIY.
  • You will save countless hours, days or even weeks in search of a property. An exclusive broker will commit his time on your behalf just to protect your interest.
  • When you hire a professional broker, it will be a lot easier to rely on them to offer expert advices at every step of the process.
  • With their wealth of experience, they can simplify the process of mortgage applications.
  • Professional brokers have good records for satisfying their clients.
  • They have the connections and roads to the right sources.

Truly, there have been ugly things said about mortgage brokers in the past. This is why we recommend that you carefully hire one; hire only professional, such as an accountant or attorney. These professionals will careful steps of this process for you.

To hire a professional mortgage broker who is licensed, reliable and can provide you with a peace of mind that you are working with the best, visit SJPR Accountants.


The financial service segment has become an indispensable part of any business. This sector is expected to increase its growth rate in the coming years. Why? Due to certain factors that redefine the industry, the financial services are constantly pressurised to meet up with the demand of their customer base. Globalisation, competition, and technology, to mention a few factors, have forced many large businesses into outsourcing financial services. These professionals can work on financial research while business owners can simply evaluate the produced reports while focusing on other matters. There are reasons why this segment is regarded as the heart of any organisation. One bad report and your company may be on the brink of collapsing. Professional accountants are fully aware of this huge task so they dedicate a lot of patients into this office.


When you hire these professionals, the following can be properly managed.

  • Financial management
  • Audits of the financial statements
  • Tracking stock prices
  • Asset management
  • Company valuations
  • Bill payment schedules
  • Making profits and loss statements
  • Credit analysis
  • Financial and statistical modelling
  • Investment decisions
  • Maintaining balance sheet
  • Cash budgets, etc.
  • Without excluding other value added services such as:
  • Mortgage processing
  • Insurance claims processing


Cost Effective

If your company happens to be among the few who bend on cutting losses, outsourcing the financial department can help reduce your company’s overall costs of operation. In fact, it’s a great way to help your company save a lot of money. By hiring a professional and experienced team of accountants, you’re employing a cost-effective remedy while also getting high-quality expert services without having to pay for additional resources (employees and technology).

Assistance in Sourcing Funds

While your business benefits from the overall operational cost, certified public accountants have the experience in getting funds for your company. With their reputation and expertise in computing suitable financial statements, professional accountants will not only introduce your company to a lending body (e.g. banks) but will also assist you throughout the financing process.

Accurate, Reliable, and Flexible

Outsourcing your financial department can be beneficial to your company as they can lower the risk of interpreting financial reports incorrectly. They are reliable, accurate, and accountable in their statements. They are aware of the consequences of submitting an incorrect statement or document so they do everything possible to create accurate pay-checks, tax reports, etc. Also, professional accountants offer flexibility as they can carry out complex assignments instead of simple bookkeeping.

Saves Office Space and Upholstery

While the larger organisation may not count this as a benefit, it is highly beneficial for smaller businesses with smaller office spaces. Companies are finding outsourcing accounting very resourceful as it saves them money and space. Since they are capable of performing their duties without being present in your office, you get to save office space and related expenditure such as the cost of furniture.

SJPR Accountants provides financial services for small, medium, and large-scale businesses. We offer a wide range of financing services. For more information, kindly visit this link.


Filing UK tax returns can be very stressful for a lot of businesses. Fortunately, for those businesses who are too busy with other things or who find it difficult to file their taxes, hiring a professional accountant who has years of experience with taxes and accounts can be beneficial. It is that time of the year where there will be a lot of penalties for those businesses who fail to do taxes. A lot of people delay their tax payments and procrastinate it to the deadline – this isn’t a healthy decision as it may increase your chances of making errors. In this article, we’d discuss why you need to do your tax returns in time. Remember, you can pay a higher tax if you leave room for one little mistake. For this reason, hiring the right tax preparer for your business is extremely important. These individuals are widely known for their success in offering tax returns in the UK.


Correcting Mistakes Earlier

If the tax return’s deadline is almost finished, there is a huge chance of you making mistakes. On the other hand, when you file your tax forms earlier, you will have plenty of time to correct any mistakes that may have been observed. Besides fixing and resubmitting the form, you could as well escape possible penalties that may result from not filing the correct report after the deadline.

Dealing with Emergencies

Opportunities may knock on the door but emergencies surface without any warning. In some cases, filing your returns earlier will simply enable you to take care of any emergencies that may arise. Also, doing your tax earlier will give you time to crosscheck what you have done before submitting. In addition, if you want to replace or hire a tax preparer, finding one near the deadline will be much difficult.

Quicker Refunds

In the case of cash refunding, filing your tax return should be done early. If you don’t want to end up paying additional payments like paying refund amount, it is highly recommended to prepare your tax forms before the deadline. Filing your tax returns early will increase the refund process. On the other hand, your refunds may not be processed quickly if you delay.


Avoid Fine or Penalties

Making a mistake in your tax return or filing your tax return late could be liable for fines or penalty taxes. A professional accountant will fulfill your obligations in their entirety.

They Are Qualified Professionals

Having undergone years of rigorous training in this field, professional accountants are skilled, competent and qualified to help you in your income taxes.

Offer Expert Advice

A professional accountant will guide you and offer useful advises on what to do so that you won’t fall prey to the tax office.

It is very important for every business owner to file their tax returns early, and using SJPR Accountants for this assignment completely makes perfect sense!


A salesperson is one who interacts with customers and convinces them to purchase a product or service. Business owners know the importance of sales so they make sure to provide materials and tools needed for a salesperson to fulfill his/her obligation. Convincing someone to buy what you sell isn’t an easy task. Salespeople realize just how difficult this can be so they need to be aware of every possible technique to impress and attract potential clients.
Here are some tips on how to make a good impression to potential clients.

Develop a Plan

Developing a plan is an integral part of marketing. This plan should contain things that will get your business easily noticed. If you fail to plan your work then you should plan to fail. Planning can be a daunting task which is why it is only practiced by successful people because they are not lazy. During planning, you map out what strategies work best for your business. When you take time to plan, you become mentally prepared to achieve your goals. If you find yourself working in sales, make a good plan that will help you reach your goals. And don’t stop there; work hard to execute the plan.

Dress Well

As a salesperson, you should be aware that you are representing the image of your company. Forget about your strategies, if you are not well dressed there’s no way you can make a good impression to potential customers. The saying “the way you are dressed is the way you will be addressed” isn’t a joke. Customers tend to take a careful assessment of the person making the presentation before they can decide on whether or not to lend their ears. In fact, the quality of your dress alone may do more talks than your mouth. Wear clean clothes, get a nice haircut, and learn how to combine colors.

Look Professional Act Professional

As the image of the company or business, a salesperson needs to have a high level of professionalism. Your skill and quality should be able to build a reputation for your business. When you go to networking meetings and community events, make sure you contribute to solving their most pressing problems. This way, it becomes easier for you to convince potential clients.

Effective Communication

As one who is involved in sales, your communication skill has to be very sound and fluent. Many business fails as a result of poor or inactive communication with their customers. The work of the marketing department is to reach out to a wider audience; it is the salesperson that engages in one-on-one communication with potential clients. You need to put an extra effort on what you say and how you present the message you are trying to pass across. This goes a long way for any business. Keep in mind that customers are king; without them, there remains a big hole in the sales circle. Potential customers want to enjoy the benefits of your business, so winning their heart should be a priority for every sales representative. Phrases like “I’m sorry”, “thank you” are magical and can go a long way in converting visitors into potential clients. Your smile is also a form of communication; learn not to reflect your problems to potential clients.


When you start thinking of the cost of outsourcing the accounting services of your business, you begin to extend your business growth. The accounting department is very crucial for any business and if managed by a novice can prolong growth and success. Hiring a professional accountant for your business has a lot of benefit for you, your employees and your business. Some of the amazing benefits are: it can save a lot of time, hassles, and money. These pros will eventually lead to further progress in the other areas of your business – overall business growth.

What a Professional Accountant Will Do For Your Business

Tax Consultation

The importance of tax planning for both small and medium scale businesses cannot be regarded less. Only professional accountants have the appropriate knowledge and experience of how to provide tax planning advice and save money from taxes. Moreover, expert accountants are updated in taxation laws. It is in their nature to be conscious of breaking tax rules so they can do everything possible to help check your conformity just top avoid taxation problems.

Payroll Assistance

It is better for your business to hire an accountant that will manage its payroll than for an insider to handle it. Besides the fact that an expert accountant will dedicate more time to manage payroll, it is more secure to have them handle it. This decreases the number of people that have access to this information – think of fraud.

Offer Complete Services

Not only will your business benefit from specific tasks such as tax consultation and payroll, but it can also enjoy other services such as:

> Financial Consultation

Professional accountants know how to handle money-related matters especially when it comes to tax-related issues. They can also help you maintain all your financial accounts and statements, and even resolve any financial problems that will hinder the growth of your business.

> Expert Advice

These professionals can provide expert financial advice on business financing, cash flow management, etc. They act as your financial consultant just to aid business growth.

> Accounting

> Bookkeeping Services

How will a professional accountant be beneficial for your business?

> Cost saving

When you hire a professional accountant for your business, you tend to save money in the long run. The cost of benefits on employees which may include bonuses, office space, etc. will be eliminated.

> Increased productivity

Outsourcing accounting services increase productivity. An experienced accountant pays full attention to his/her job. This keeps other employees focused on their own job thereby increasing efficiency and productivity.

> Networking

Since professional accountants have multiple clients all over the globe, they can engage growth in your company by networking with others.

> Eliminating Mistakes

Multitasking has cost a lot of businesses. Multitasking is when a business owner assigns different tasks to one employee, especially when the task is not related to his area of expertise. Because they have to meet up with their task as well as the accounting task, they get pressurized and eventually make mistakes. Having a professional accountant oversee your accounting records is an excellent way to eliminate simple mistakes.

Having read this, it’s time for you as a business owner to assign accounting duties to professional accountants. SJPR Accountants are a full-service accounting company in the UK. These professionals focus on business growth and pride themselves in offering accounting services to small and medium-sized companies and even MNC’s (multi-national corporations).

Think of SJPR Accountants as an accounting solution for your small and medium-sized business.


Many business owners have little or no idea of accountancy and bookkeeping, so they need to hire someone who can put things in order. The accounting and financing departments are crucial sectors in any business so when hiring it is important that you hire a trustworthy person that will manage all your financial documents. Though hiring an accountant to help you manage your finances is very important for your business, it is recommended that you choose to hire a professional, one who is versatile and with enormous years of experience. By versatile, I mean hiring a professional who can carry out accounting, bookkeeping, tax assessments, payroll organisation, legal counselling, and other financing services without a glitch; one who will be able to calculate your payroll and tax properly while also offering assistance in bookkeeping and easy consultation.

So, whether you want to have your documentation organised so you can be in full control of your finances or you are confused with bookkeeping, your best resort would be to hire an experienced professional accountant.

You Can’t Buy Time but You Can Actually Manage Time

As you grow in business, there will be little or no time for business owners to handle multiple tasks. At this point being a business owner becomes more time-consuming. The good news is that hiring an expert to manage your financial matters can help you save time and energy. Taking this huge step will keep you focused on other pressing matters. There will be no room for errors and your business will be hassle-free. Remember, the DIY – “Do it Yourself” strategy doesn’t work in cases like this – it could easily backfire.

You Need Assistance in Bookkeeping Service

Bookkeeping is an activity of recording business transactions carried out by a bookkeeper. Proper bookkeeping can help your business manage cash flow effectively; it can be the difference between your profits and losses. When a bookkeeper is done with the record, an accountant then creates reports from the records prepared by the bookkeeper. Bookkeeping and accounting are different services but reputed accountants can provide both services. By hiring a professional accountant, you could ensure that your financial transactions are regularly updated by safe hands. If you don’t know where to begin in keeping track of your company’s financial records regarding the money your company owes to employees, tax agencies, contractors, vendors, other companies or even the government, you should immediately contact SJPR Accountants and hire an experienced professional accountant to help you grow your business.

Planning and Management is Essential

If you are finding difficulties in planning an effective business plan, hiring an accounting service provider can be a great idea. He/she will analyse the pros and cons of every business strategies and maximize opportunities to get the best result.

A qualified accountant should be an expert in a variety of fields (as mentioned above). Finding the right accountant in the UK can be time-consuming, but SJPR Accountants are here to save you some time.


Whether you are a startup or an established business, the need for a professional accountant cannot be overlooked. It is important for a new business to begin with a solid foundation and a thorough understanding of the business. Hiring professional accounting services will provide value-added services that will benefit your business because these experts are skilled in a variety of fields. What better way is there to start a new business than to hire someone who can clarify the financial state of the business and can also provide professional advice on business financing?

Are you a business owner? Do you want to open a new business? Here are a few reasons you need to hire a professional accountant for your business.

Help In Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Professional accounting services can assist your business in every financial matter. Business growth has been affected by poorly maintained records and bookkeeping. With the help of an expert accountant, be assured that each and every financial record of your business will be clarified thus, promoting business growth.

Financial Advice

When you hire a professional accountant, you get a good return on investment (ROI). How? Besides bookkeeping and accounting services, an expert accountant can provide advice on business financing, cash flow management, and inventory management. They avoid some costly financial mistakes that will help you to grow the organization. Professional accountant services can even help you to develop a well-organized funding plan for a start-up. Looking at the overall benefits, don’t you think it’s worth the investment?

Stress-free and Time-saving

Being a business owner doesn’t make you an expert in the accounting field. Even if you have knowledge of the field, at one point you would eventually leave that role to be filled by a professional. Managing roles as the BOSS and as an accountant for your business can be overwhelming but when you delegate the accounting role to a professional, you can be relieved of stress and even have more time for yourself.

Updated With Legislations

Government legislation on financial matters can be amended at any time. A professional accountant always remains updated about these processes and can effectively utilize them in helping small businesses.

When finding the right accountant service, ensure that they are efficient, trustworthy, experienced, and certified. SJPR Accountants are a full-service accounting firm in the UK that can handle any type of financial services including accounting, valuation, lodgments, taxation, audit services, consulting services, among others. Our accountants are certified with enormous years of experience in the field. We study and become familiar with our client’s short and long-term investment plans and utilize it to anticipate certain expenses and navigate the financial waters. We would be happy to help your business; visit us today.


FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulates the financial services of over 56, 000 firms and industries in the UK. The aim is to increase the security of customers in the financial markets. It also promotes healthy competition and creates awareness among financial service providers. Also, the FCA ensures that customers only but a financial product that “fits their purpose” in terms of quality and longevity. Although the FCA works with HM Treasury, it operates independently of the UK government.

But what are the reasons for this accreditation?

  • FCA authorization is required for any business in the UK

Inasmuch as you operate a business in the UK, FCA authorization is mandatory for your business (unless they can abide by the terms of exclusion or are exempt).

  • Effective Challenge

The FCA authorization promotes a place of an effective challenge since the current practices will be decided by a variety of views. This authorization can bring out the best in your team, as they work together to look for potential solutions.

  • Focus

When the standards are high, it encourages performance and skill management. Since the FCA work to make the financial market work well for the consumers, businesses tend to focus on establishing, monitoring, and adhering to the FCA authorization.

The process of securing the FCA authorization can be quite challenging as it involves a series of processes. For this reason, the service of someone who has enormous years of experience in the financial industry is required. In recent years, there has been a rising demand for professional accountant services because they have the knowledge and expertise to manage regulatory risk.

SJPR Accountants have assisted so many firms in the UK. They have trusted accountants with clear knowledge about financing and can provide/analyze financial decisions throughout the business. Hiring SJPR Accountants will ensure that the process for authorization is taken care of legitimately and reliably.