Whether you are a startup or an established business, the need for a professional accountant cannot be overlooked. It is important for a new business to begin with a solid foundation and a thorough understanding of the business. Hiring professional accounting services will provide value-added services that will benefit your business because these experts are skilled in a variety of fields. What better way is there to start a new business than to hire someone who can clarify the financial state of the business and can also provide professional advice on business financing?

Are you a business owner? Do you want to open a new business? Here are a few reasons you need to hire a professional accountant for your business.

Help In Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Professional accounting services can assist your business in every financial matter. Business growth has been affected by poorly maintained records and bookkeeping. With the help of an expert accountant, be assured that each and every financial record of your business will be clarified thus, promoting business growth.

Financial Advice

When you hire a professional accountant, you get a good return on investment (ROI). How? Besides bookkeeping and accounting services, an expert accountant can provide advice on business financing, cash flow management, and inventory management. They avoid some costly financial mistakes that will help you to grow the organization. Professional accountant services can even help you to develop a well-organized funding plan for a start-up. Looking at the overall benefits, don’t you think it’s worth the investment?

Stress-free and Time-saving

Being a business owner doesn’t make you an expert in the accounting field. Even if you have knowledge of the field, at one point you would eventually leave that role to be filled by a professional. Managing roles as the BOSS and as an accountant for your business can be overwhelming but when you delegate the accounting role to a professional, you can be relieved of stress and even have more time for yourself.

Updated With Legislations

Government legislation on financial matters can be amended at any time. A professional accountant always remains updated about these processes and can effectively utilize them in helping small businesses.

When finding the right accountant service, ensure that they are efficient, trustworthy, experienced, and certified. SJPR Accountants are a full-service accounting firm in the UK that can handle any type of financial services including accounting, valuation, lodgments, taxation, audit services, consulting services, among others. Our accountants are certified with enormous years of experience in the field. We study and become familiar with our client’s short and long-term investment plans and utilize it to anticipate certain expenses and navigate the financial waters. We would be happy to help your business; visit us today.


FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulates the financial services of over 56, 000 firms and industries in the UK. The aim is to increase the security of customers in the financial markets. It also promotes healthy competition and creates awareness among financial service providers. Also, the FCA ensures that customers only but a financial product that “fits their purpose” in terms of quality and longevity. Although the FCA works with HM Treasury, it operates independently of the UK government.

But what are the reasons for this accreditation?

  • FCA authorization is required for any business in the UK

Inasmuch as you operate a business in the UK, FCA authorization is mandatory for your business (unless they can abide by the terms of exclusion or are exempt).

  • Effective Challenge

The FCA authorization promotes a place of an effective challenge since the current practices will be decided by a variety of views. This authorization can bring out the best in your team, as they work together to look for potential solutions.

  • Focus

When the standards are high, it encourages performance and skill management. Since the FCA work to make the financial market work well for the consumers, businesses tend to focus on establishing, monitoring, and adhering to the FCA authorization.

The process of securing the FCA authorization can be quite challenging as it involves a series of processes. For this reason, the service of someone who has enormous years of experience in the financial industry is required. In recent years, there has been a rising demand for professional accountant services because they have the knowledge and expertise to manage regulatory risk.

SJPR Accountants have assisted so many firms in the UK. They have trusted accountants with clear knowledge about financing and can provide/analyze financial decisions throughout the business. Hiring SJPR Accountants will ensure that the process for authorization is taken care of legitimately and reliably.


Have you been denied a business loan due to bad credits? You are not alone on this, as there are millions of people in the UK facing the same challenge. All you have to do is read this article and get professional help. Credit referral is a recommendation for creditors to consult a professional credit card agent to confirm a card’s worthiness before making an investment. These professionals stand in the gap between banks and credit card customers. Before getting a loan approved for your business or anything else, your credit score will be analysed by creditors. A low or bad credit rating can lessen the chance of financial approvals be it a car loan, a mortgage and other kinds of loans or maybe get it approved but with high-interest rates. A professional credit referral has an in-depth knowledge about the credit cards and other related financial matters. The job of a reputable credit card agent is to present true facts to a customer in an easy and understandable way.

SJPR Accountants provides powerful credit referral services to help clients and companies manage their loans, mortgages, asset finance, capital finance with confidence. Our professional accountants are honest and always committed to your cause so as to ensure customer satisfaction. An inexperienced agency will lack the confidence and knowledge to carry out smooth operations. With enormous years of experience in helping businesses, SJPR Accountants can boast of over 2000 clients who can be contacted to get an idea of the quality of our service – this highlights how satisfied our clients are. Our accountants understand all business models and can provide world-class service with minimal effort. As a business person and our client, you will benefit from relevant financial, fiscal and business planning support in order to take your business further.


Many businesses are facing tax problems such as tax levies or substantial tax penalties. The need to take action is critical, as your company’s existence depends on it. If you don’t want to be levied a penalty for not meeting up, then there is a need for you to act very fast. The best shot for businesses facing tax problems is to immediately seek the expertise of a professional accounting service. Obviously, you wouldn’t be reading this article if you knew all regulations of tax law and how to organise your business taxes. Business owners know how overwhelming this task can be; this is why they hire the services of a professional accountant for bookkeeping, reporting employees’ earnings (salaries and bonuses), documenting paperwork, etc. A professional accounting service devotes time to ensure that no deduction is overlooked. They are influential in organising taxes and to help clients to review the coming year’s possible tax strategies.


 Organising Your Tax Efficiently

It is important for every business to make sure that they have a professional accountant who is completely versed and thoroughly proficient in tax planning and paperwork handling. A professional tax accountant has the knowledge of tax laws, business payroll, IRS, and staff payment; they also know how to handle complex processes and paperwork, and can as well determine the optimum repayment options for any situation.


They Help You to Stay Updated

Another reason you need the services of a professional accountant is for you to stay updated with the changes in tax laws. Tax laws are complex and often times certain changes are made by the IRS – they can do anything they want. For this reason, it is important that you meet with your professional each year to review the situation of your administration. This will greatly benefit your business by preparing it for unforeseen contingencies.



As a business owner, you should always remember that you are eligible for several tax credits and deductions. In addition, timing is an important factor to consider when recording tax losses. Failure to prepare certain documents in due time may attract tax levies or penalties. Hiring the services of a tax professional can ensure that the financial aspect of your business is operating without flaw and delay.

SJPR Accountants have been in the field for many years. Having worked for hundreds of firm in the UK, we have gathered experience in handling tax issues. Our certified public accountants (CPAs) are experts in providing accounting and taxation services for both small and large businesses.

SJPR Accountants have a brochure that lists fees for various services. Some of our tax service options are concerned with direct and indirect taxes, goods and services, customs and duties, business payroll, staff payment, etc. Depending on the tax services you want, this list will help you to estimate what your total bill is.


In the UK, small and large businesses play an integral role in the economy. That is why Britain is and will always be open for foreign investors and entrepreneurs. The rapid growth of globalization in Britain has witnessed an increase in the number of foreign investors. With the accelerating pace of foreign investment in the UK, foreign investors now enjoy certain benefits from the government. As a foreigner, significant efforts have to be made in understanding new dimensions of investments such as learning how to operate overseas, internationalizing sales, and so on. However, you can cut down these arrays of international dimensions by hiring a foreign investor representation.

If you want to invest and succeed as a businessperson in the UK, it is important that you hire a foreign investor representation. There are common cases of broker negligence and misconduct, two factors that contributes to the losses faced by potential investors in the UK. However, with the assistance of highly skilled financial experts, you can resolve extremely complex cases and avoid loss.

SJPR Accountants is an accredited fund services company in the UK that has helped countless investors. Years of experience in recovering losses for investors enable us to quickly identify and tackle difficult problems facing a potential investor.

Some of our services to UK investors include:

  • reviewing and analyzing fund terms
  • representing them in negotiating side letters
  • fund structuring and distribution services
  • advising some of the most active investors with respect to investment secondary transactions
  • reviewing transactions for tax issues and regulatory compliance
  • We also provide insight into current market conditions and industry standards

As an investor, SJPR Accountants consider all aspects of your ownership. We are authorized and regulated to represent foreign funds distributed in the UK. By relying on our expert services, you will prevent stress, save a lot of time, and focus on other matters. All UK investors looking for a foreign investor representation should contact us. We look forward to serving you!


As a business owner or a self-employee, you will want to make sure that a professional who has experience in preparing taxes handles your tax situation. Sometimes you may intend to pay what you know you owe but things tend to get ugly along the way. In this case, a tax professional can help you out. Certified public accountants are professionals who are familiar with tax laws, tax codes, and financial laws. They have ample skills and knowledge in this field and are usually proficient with both states and federal tax laws.

What They Do

  • Handle tax payments
  • Uncover deductions
  • Ensure a quick and positive audit
  • Can negotiate with the IRS on your behalf
  • Solve your tax debts
  • Tax preparing and tax filing
  • Analyse your taxes
  • Tax advises, and so on

Are you a self-employee? Do you have issues with the IRS? Are you among those who think hiring a professional accountant service is not a smart decision? Here are some reasons why you need professional help to sort out your tax situation.

Avoid Future Errors

Hiring a tax professional to sort out your tax situation will help you avoid tax errors in the future. These accountants are experts in their field because of the high level of training they undergo. They work out the problem and even offer you a variety of possibilities on how to avoid future tax issues.

In Case You Get Audited

IRS issues can really be a nuisance for any self-employee. The IRS is a complicated machine that is known to win over 87% of the audits because most taxpayers lack the skill and expertise to successfully negotiate with the IRS. The IRS machine determines if all income has been filed and reported correctly. If you do not properly prepare and file your tax, then you will surely be audited. The good part is that the IRS allows taxpayers to hire a tax official who can represent them in various tax matters. A good tax expert can assist ensure positive financial results of the audit.


Most tax experts have handled hundreds of cases over the years. No matter how smart you are, you cannot beat the experience of these professionals – they are in the business, you are not. Give them that! Their experience can help you with any tax situation.

SJPR Accountants provides professional accounting services in the UK. Our certified public accountants can help you with any tax-related situation. SJPR Accountants also provide competent tax advice in the event of tax preparation and tax filing. No matter how bad your tax score is or how critical your audits are, SJPR Accountants can help you bring your account back to life.


An office is where major activities relating to your business takes place. This makes it essential for any business. Are you running a small business? It is important to note that minimizing startup cost is a great way for your business to flourish. One way to reduce cost is to rent an office and give it a professional look.

Do you plan to rent an office? Here are some tips to consider.


Even if you are running on a low budget, you need to ensure that your office space is connected to central places. Central places are busy locations usually flooded with passersby. As lucrative as these points can be they are quite expensive. The limited budget might be a hindrance to small businesses. When choosing an office, you will have to make sure that your preferred location is well connected to other parts of the city. This will ensure that the transportation of your employees as well as goods will not be difficult and expensive.

Office Space

The type of business that you run will determine how big or small your office space will look. Whether it is a residential office space or a commercial office spaces; make sure it fits your budget. Remember, residential office spaces require a lot of modifications so think carefully.


The last thing you’d want is to rent an office in a location that has low security. Security challenges could be in the form of thefts through burglary or natural disasters e.g. floods. For the safety of your employees and the benefits of your business, ensure that you choose an office space that is secure.

Affordable Prices

Small businesses with stringent budget usually rent offices at an affordable price. To be candid, it’s always better to start small and grow your business than to start big and collapse in the future. Renting a space that is inexpensive will save a whole lot for your business. Just remember to give your office a professional look.

Hire an Agency

The demand for office rent is increasing by the day. This makes it more difficult for small businesses to find the right office space. Hiring an agency will save you a lot of energy and time. With enormous years of experience, these experts can provide an affordable office space for your business.

Professional Look

Renting an office isn’t enough, giving it a professional look is. A professional look can make an affordable office space look very expensive. It is an easy strategy for attracting clients. There are different options to select from when designing your office; the main catch is to incorporate something that will make your clients stay longer or always want to visit. Designing your office doesn’t have to be as expensive as building an aquarium, it can be as simple as having an elegant paint pattern or a hologram welcoming clients when they step into the office. It could be anything, just think and figure it out.

Grow Business Centres by SJPR Accountants provide monthly ongoing contract so you are free to grow! Meeting room available and you can also choose a telephone system, registered office address, and mail services.




A business plan is simply a written statement outlining what your goals are for the business and how you intend to go about accomplishing them. It is simply the vehicle or blueprint for accomplishing your set goals. Many business owners and entrepreneurs have a general idea of how they want to run their businesses but lack the knowledge to formalize it. In this article, you’ll understand the importance of a business plan. Millions of ideas are birthed each year, leading to the eruption of many small and large businesses. Unfortunately, only a few succeed. Why then did the others fail? It is simply because of improper planning! As the old saying goes “he who fails to prepare must prepare to fail.” To enjoy stability and long-term success in business, you must have a solid background to build on. A business plan is key to long-term success for any small or large business.

Why Is This Important For Your Business?

These are three important reasons why you need a business plan.

It Helps You Plan with Your Budget

A business plan is important for planning your budget. This plan will tell you how much to assign for your employees, utilities, furniture fixtures, etc. There is a high tendency of you mismanaging funds without a plan. Your plan will demonstrate that the opening of the business is going to produce profit instead of wasting time, money and effort in something that isn’t going to work out.


It is important that you create a well-written business plan if you are looking for money to fund your business. A sound business plan attracts investment into your business. No one wants to invest in a company without seeing a formal and convincing business plan. As risk takers, funders are expected to see a written documentation about your business.  For this reason, an entrepreneur or a business owner must present a self-explanatory business plan, one that must speak to investors and lenders in a way that they will understand with ease.

The Business Plan Makes Everyone Understand the Goals of the Business

A business plan gives the management team a blueprint to follow as to understand the goals of the business and how to achieve the goals that is expected of them. It makes sure that everyone from the management to the employees is on the same page. The planning process shows clearly where the firm ought to be and the expectation of these meeting goals, thereby reducing any unscheduled crises.

A professionally-written business plan is paramount to securing funds for your business. Investors have strict guidelines that they want to be followed, so you need the help of a professional business plan consultant. Fortunately, SJPR Accountants have developed thousands of business plans for entrepreneurs. We also offer professional accounting service in the UK. Visit for a free business plan consultation.



The HR (Human Resource) department of a company is the busiest and one of the most important departments. They don’t just change human capital for the organization; they also keep track of every little detail of the company’s resources. Every person in a company is directly connected to the HR department. To avoid any error while distributing wages or salaries, an accounting team needs to take responsibility for this sector at the real time. One of the fundamental roles of a professional accountant team for the finance department of a company is to look after the business payroll.

Professional accountants have the skills and experience in accounting. They are equipped with the experience on how to tackle different financial problems for the benefit of the company. This section of business is quite demanding and time-consuming. It goes beyond paying your employees and the government (taxes); it extends to keeping tracks and records of the amount spent along with the information of the receiver and also making sure that every party gets his/her cut on time. Professional accountant services know how to go about issues likes this. These experts know the laws concerning business taxes, payroll, and other financial affairs.

Being an entrepreneur or business owner can be exhausting most times but one of the ways you can free up time is to hire a team. You can get overwhelmed with the task of managing your company’s finance.

To carry-out the payroll preparation and processing task for your company efficiently, you need to hire a specialized accounting team.

Managing this role can leave room for error in your business. Instead, why don’t you transfer this job to a professional payroll service team? They will ensure that the entire payroll processing is accomplished on time without any complication.

SJPR Accountants provide skilled and dedicated staffs for handling business payroll. We all know how a little mistake can cause a lot of setbacks for any business thus; this step needs to be taken seriously and carefully. Hiring our experts would be a great way to ensure the stability and future of your company. The end result will be your confidence in our ability to deliver where it matters most.

An accounting firm that specializes in business start-ups and personal tax returns, but also offers an expert service in corporate tax returns and VAT registration, is the ideal find – and that’s what we do. SJPR Accountants is a certified public accounting service that helps to manage the entire financial affair of any company, including the business payroll. Our team members are equipped with the talents, skills, and passion that can ensure that the business can withstand critical situations. SJPR Accountants also notifies her clients how they will be charged for and when to expect to be paid. We are renowned for our credibility and reliability of our exceptional services.



Whether you are just starting up a business or you already own a small business, it is important that you understand the need for hiring a professional accountant team. The first year of any business is scheduled with tasks that are too much to be handled by one person. Proper recording and of all your accounting tasks are too important to be handled by a novice. This makes it important to assign someone with proper understanding, skills, and experience in accounting to take up the job. The world is changing and many businesses (even small scaled businesses) rely on professional accounting services to provide advice and share ideas. Perhaps, this explains the increasing need for accounting services in businesses all over the world today.

Knowing that you need a professional accountant team is one thing, choosing the right one is another. A professional accountant firm can help you set up and manage your company’s accounting tasks. Humans are prone to mistakes and things may go sloppy when we try to be “Jack of all trades…”. Hiring a professional to oversee your records is an incredible way of crosschecking records, avoiding mistakes, and ensuring accurate results. Entrusting an accounting team for your new/old company will reflect in your business expenditures. The result is visible and will appear in your profits.

Note that as an entrepreneur or business owner, you can do a lot of things but you cannot accomplish all. If you are responsible for every job in your company, then you will not perform efficiently. Inefficient performance may affect your business so bad. It is true that most managers or business owner begin operations knowing only a fraction of what they have established. There is no harm in this but the lack of knowledge in specific areas such as financial management needs to be occupied by an expert.

If you don’t have the skill or knowledge of a particular job, why don’t you hire someone for that job?

Having an expert in these filed is undoubtedly the best way to keep your business growing. With an accounting team, you have the time to focus on your own task while the accounting work runs smoothly.

By making the decision to secure professional accounting services for your business, you get support in place. Business owners are advised to get these supports in place to help them cope with financial demands. The compliance affair of a company is very important and practically impossible for a novice to track. From applicable Acts to IRS norm to Companies House Registre and Trademark, hiring a professional accounting service is inevitable. These experts will deal with concerned paperwork and ensure compliance.

SJPR Accountants is a reputable public accounting team that has helped hundreds of start-ups. We are always open for business and would love to help the financial affairs of your company as well. Feel free to reach us today!