SJPR has expertise with businesses that are regulated by the FCA. Whether you are a money remittance or you have consumer credit license we can assist with all FCA Reporting, Compliance and Governance. We can also assist with strategy and solutions to stay ahead in such a changing and competitive market.

Money Remittance: In such a controlled and ever changing market due to evolving Anti-Money laundering regulations your business needs SJPR as we are more then simply accountants. Through our network we can provide Cash Management Solutions, Banking Solutions as well as Licensing. We also liaise with HMRC in terms of all compliance and reporting.

You may benefit from our strong research and relationships with the International Finance Sector.

Brokerage: Normally Car and motorbike sellers and repairers work with an existing finance company in order to refer them clients that require borrowing to finalise a purchases, In order to do that you will need at least a limit consumer credit license and report regularly to the FCA.