SJPR has expertise in several industries and will provide you an extremely accurate and competent work no matter what your businesses. However these are some of the industries we have had a focus due to the number of costumers in each:


SJPR has expertise with businesses that are regulated by the FCA. Whether you are a money remittance or you have consumer credit license we can assist with all FCA Reporting, Compliance and Governance. We can also assist with strategy and solutions to stay ahead in such a changing and competitive market.

Money Remittance: In such a controlled and ever changing market due to evolving Anti-Money laundering regulations your business needs SJPR as we are more then simply accountants. Through our network we can provide Cash Management Solutions, Banking Solutions as well as Licensing. We also liaise with HMRC in terms of all compliance and reporting.

You may benefit from our strong research and relationships with the International Finance Sector.

Brokerage: Normally Car and motorbike sellers and repairers work with an existing finance company in order to refer them clients that require borrowing to finalise a purchases, In order to do that you will need at least a limit consumer credit license and report regularly to the FCA.

Construction Industry

With a large experience acquired over the years and witnessing the growth of several clients we can offer you the expertise in pointing you in the right direction. We can assist with CIS payroll payments and PAYE/CIS compliance and accuracy.

With our premium packages we can assist you with detailed profitability reports and can help you budget your growth. We work closely with factoring and asset finance to give you the required structure for you to operate your business.

Legal Services

Working close with several legal services companies we have been extremely supportive to meet SRA and OICS compliance. Our clients bookkeeping is customised to each practice’s needs in terms of internal management and also compliance requirements.
Due to the complexity of several cases and clients geography Tax is never a straight forward issue.

Health and beauty

Dental Clinics, General Clinics, Beauticians and Salons can count on our experience in the area. We have helped several of these businesses set up and run efficiently. With quality and accurate reporting asset finance was achieved to provide key services to the industry.

We have a constant insight to the cosmetics world often assisting with Customs, Price Optimisation and other strategies.

Catering and Food Industry

SJPR understands the challenges of the catering and the food industry. We make our clients lives so much easier due to our detailed insight of this industry and through our rigour and use of technology to facilitate reporting. Cash-flows, margins and ratios are key for you to understand your business finances and we are the right partner to walk this walk with you.

SJPR has also helped other clients to attract investment through tax incentives and gathering capital finance when required.

Real Estate

SJPR are truly expert in real estate accounts. Whether you are a landlord, estate agency, property manager, property developer, property investor you can count in our expertise. We will make sure your investment will go longer, by advising you in minimising your tax bills through expert planning and advise.

We also specialise in non residential landlords. We can liaise with HMRC on your behalf to have your compliance and taxation as required so you do not have to worry or travel to UK.

Thanks to our strong connections we will help you achieve development loans, business loans, second charges, mortgages and remortgages.

Vehicle Repairs and Sales

With decades of experience in this industry SJPR Accountants has accompanied the evolution and changes in this industry. Your taxation will be optimised through a detailed planning and business analysis.


Courier Industry

Having done the accounts for the courier industry for years for hundreds of small businesses, contractors and also multi-million companies, SJPR has a great insight to provide to our clients. SJPR will save you taxes as much as it is possible and assist you in all compliance challenges such as IR35 regulations, PAYE and above all we can help you to minimise your corporate tax, income tax and VAT liabilities through advise on vehicle capital allowances and annual investment allowances claims.

These savings can be achieved through careful planning and constant communication between you and our accountants