There are no limits or setbacks on who can become a great entrepreneur or business owner. Setting up a business or owning one does not necessarily require you to have a college degree. People with great potentials tend to waste away talents and innovative skills due to the phobia of failing in business. However, they don’t understand that a business kick starts with just an idea. Determination, consistency, will to succeed, and a solid business plan come afterward. If you’re an Entrepreneur, odds are you already have the drive, but you might not know how to start building your empire as this can be a very hectic process to go through in the early stages of building a business organization. That is why professional accountants are there to support and help you build a well-developed strategy which is certain to guarantee maximum returns and client happiness.

Marketing, which happens to be an important aspect of building a business with verified trademark, is a complex field that includes several strategies to improve visibility, establish a spontaneous brand presence, engages potential clients and prospective customers hence earning more revenues as a result. There is a need for business owners to invest time, money and every other necessary resource into marketing in order to stay ahead of the game and stand apart from the backbreaking competition in the market. A good company setup and marketing strategy can help businesses grow and enjoy massive sales.

Many small business owners feel reluctant and tend not to see the need to hire professional marketers to handle their marketing campaigns. This may be caused by a lack of trust or funds for it, or because they feel it’s a manageable task. In the end, the struggle to share responsibilities and delegate tasks while they run the business may be the outcome of their stubbornness. Lack of leverage through Outsourcing market and relying on inexperienced employees to plan and implement the strategies can crumble your business and cause loss of clients and customers.

Benefits of Hiring a Business Marketing Expert

  1. To Research and Implement Current Marketing Strategies

Modern marketing strategies involve a wide variety of techniques, tools, and skills, which is why people work in teams to implement them. The digital marketing team includes professionals with different skills and qualifications who handle different tasks. These strategies are just too complex for a single person to manage, even if they’re qualified in the field. Whereas, when you hire a professional accountant, you get all these sorted out.

  1. To Create Contents That Are Market-Boosting Friendly

Creating good contents is an important modern marketing strategy because it aids the establishment of a company’s authority in its industry. Further, it engages with customers, disseminates information on products and services, and grabs the attention of search engines with keywords. Hiring a professional to create high-quality contents will boost your website ranking.

  1. To Save You Time and Money

Professional marketers can help you achieve a lot with less money. The initial investment of hiring a professional marketer may seem a bit expensive, but it can save you money in the long run because they are conversant with the techniques of handling product and brand publicity at economical rates for same expected turnouts or results. These professionals can also help you verify trademark so as to make your brand official and recognized.


To make your job easier and faster and your brand well-established, hiring a group of professional accountants and to set up your business with a verified tra


VAT or Value Added Tax is defined as the tax levied on a commodity’s price before the cost of production and taxes are rendered to consumers. The type of business determines the type of taxation. Any business that caters to the provision of goods and services in the UK is subject to tax. Value Added Tax is levy payable on all goods and services in the UK.

The concept of taxation can be intimidating for those just starting their own business. For better understanding and clarity, it is in your best interest to seek the advice of a professional consultant to know which plan suits your business.

When Your Business Needs to Register for VAT

If your VAT taxable supplies in the 30 days, when added up in the last 12 months exceed £85, 000 (which is currently the registration threshold) then you need to register for VAT.

You may not register your business if your expected taxable turnover doesn’t exceed the registration threshold (£85, 000).

Registering Your Business for VAT

For you to start a legitimate business in the UK, you need VAT registration. VAT registration can be categorized into two: compulsory and voluntary registration.

Compulsory Registration

A business in the UK is expected to register for VAT if it ranks over the VAT threshold, currently £85, 000. This is termed compulsory registration. In simple terms, your business must register for VAT if it exceeds the VAT threshold. However, you have a choice (voluntary registration) if it is below the VAT threshold.

Voluntary Registration

For voluntary registration, business owners choose to register their business regardless of whether VAT taxable supplies in the last 12 months exceeds £85, 000 or not. Many businesses opt for this option as it provides a lot of benefits. Choosing to register your business voluntarily will open streams of opportunities for your business. It will also increase your business reputation as you’ll have a much higher turnover than usual. For some business, however, voluntary registration may not be beneficial. Seeking the advice of a professional accountant will help you make a healthy decision.

VAT and taxation are broad and difficult for most people to understand. With regulations changing on a regular basis, it is virtually impossible for any business owner to successfully handle taxation. However, with the help of a third party service provider, effective VAT strategies can be employed to make the procedure faster. Hiring a professional accountant is a sure way of fulfilling VAT obligations and ensures that you are not violating any rule. These companies can help you process your company’s VAT UK registration hassle-free.


Business growth and expansion is a tough achievement for business owners. Of course, expansion as part of the goal of every business owner brings fulfillment. But when it comes to hiring an employee, there are so many things you’d have to do right.

In this context, we’d highlight the methods of advertising a role and how to plan business payroll. First, you’ll want to make sure that your business is:

  • registered with the appropriate agencies
  • you have obtained the necessary identification numbers
  • complied with the necessary regulations

Advertise the Role in the Right Way

When advertising your position, it is important that you choose the right words and ensure you’re your job description is detailed so candidates are aware of what they are applying for.

Avoid discrimination and be careful not to use vague titles. Try to be direct and specific in your description; you don’t want to attract legal charges for using the wrong language. Here are three effective ways to go about the hiring procedure.

  1. Get Recommendations by Using Word of Mouth

“Word of mouth” is a traditional method that has been used before the digital age. It is an inexpensive and highly efficient way to get the right candidate. When you spread the word out about your opening, you should get recommendations from your connections.

  1. Using Social Media

In today’s world where everything goes viral, it is impossible for a business not to have social media pages. Simply update your status on Facebook and LinkedIn about an open position in your organization. Email signatures also make a great tool; you can just update your email signature with “Vacancy, we are hiring!”.

  1. Job Sites Increases Your Reputation

Job search sites are another great source. Using reputable job boards liked LinkedIn and Monster.ie to advertise your role will give you an opportunity to get an excellent candidate.

Business Payroll

It’s great news that your business requires an additional helping hand. On one hand, this implies that you are expanding your operation, on the other; it implies that there’d be changes in payroll. Business payroll can be changed when a new employee is hired or when there is a need to make certain changes in your payroll.

Before hiring an employee, there are three basic things you need to calculate:

  • The employee’s wage or salary
  • Local, state, and federal taxes
  • A sum of how much your present employees’ are earning and respective deductions (i.e. taxes, security, and insurances.

Calculating this is important because it will help you to ascertain the progress of your business. As a business owner, you don’t have to stress over paying the salaries of your employees. A professional accountant can help you deduct the expense and keep records. If your business organization designates a salary for you (the owner), an expert contractor can also help you manage payroll.

The process of doing payroll is simple but complex, why don’t you delegate this task to a professional? SJPR Accountants are an accounting agency in the UK that specializes in business payroll service. They can also assist you with bookkeeping and tax filing.